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Following a historical referendum on Thursday 23 June 2016 it was announced in the early hours of Friday morning that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union. A result which seems to have shocked many, yet democracy has spoken and it is time to prepare and move forward into unknown territory for…

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Property experts offer Brits a way out of negative equity

Millions of people fell victim to the recession that seemingly hit every corner of the world. However one of the most prominent economic collapses was that of Spain. Resulting in millions of people losing money – as well as their homes – the Spanish recession hit lots of Brits hard. And although the country is…

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We Offer Expert Advice in Run-Up to Potential Brexit

As the UK hurtles towards the vital referendum on membership of the European Union, EU Property Solutions is offering its considerable expertise to property owners who are concerned about the implications of a Brexit. The firm is encouraging those worried about a Brexit, or considering selling their foreign property in the coming months, to talk……

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