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I hope you enjoyed our initial podcast with Ali from Urbytus.  Ali is keen to spread the word about EU Property Solutions around the communities in the Costa Del Sol to assist those suffering negative equity and mortgage debt. Following our visits the general perception is that the Spanish Property Market has now bottomed out…

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Lost Deposit & Developer Gone Bust?

DID YOU PAY A DEPOSIT ON A SPANISH PROPERTY AND NOW DEVELOPER GONE BUST? There have been instances of people who when looking to live the dream of purchasing a home in Spain, were duped into paying a large deposit to secure the purchase of properties. ‘Duped’ I am advised by our legal friends this…

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Are we in Negative Equity? What does this mean?

Are we in Negative Equity? Are you questioning if you are in Negative Equity and don’t understand the meaning? It is completely understandable. The fact is, many people purchased in Spain and across Europe at the height of an inflated market taking on a huge amount of debt, which later has left majority in financial difficulty. These plummeting…

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Client Stories – Meet Phil

he worst thing you could do is to think of life without debt, or is it? Meet Phil. Phil is now living his life without Debt thanks to EU Property Solutions. As you can appreciate this is an extremely difficult thing to do and a sensitive subject so we applaud Phil for telling his…

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Property Dealings Gone Wrong: Costa del Sol

This month’s Spotlight focuses on the impact of property dealings gone wrong in Costa del Sol. Many of us, like millions across the world fell victim to the recession back in 2008 and have been hit hard with doom and gloom over the past 8 years. House prices constantly falling across Spain and the Pound…

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THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS YES. This may not be what you want to hear and any number of ‘Bar Room’ Lawyers will tell you otherwise but under various EU Statutory Provisions, debts can be chased/collected across borders. We have assisted many people who tried to ignore their commitments/debts and ended up under pressure from their…

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