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Mortgage Arrears Mounting Up: How can I deal with it?

Mortgage arrears / Community fees mounting up? EU Property Solutions assist people daily who are significant mortgage arrears and have missed community fee payments. Many borrowers who purchased properties in Spain were not aware of the associated costs. Community Fees and IBI taxes are fees external to mortgage costs in Spain. These additional fees have resulted in significant…

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Negative Equity: Want To Sell?

Are You In Negative Equity and Want to Sell? A lot of people stuck in Negative Equity and want to sell are calling themselves “mortgage prisoners”. They believe that as they have negative equity they have no option but to continue to pay the property mortgage and continue property ownership. Simply that selling in negative equity…

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Experts Across Europe

Experts Across Europe: We are proud to represent our clients throughout Europe Here at EU Property Solutions we are proud in our continued growth assisting clients throughout Europe. Pre-2008 many investors purchased property across Europe and since a large number have fallen afoul to the property market decline. With many of these properties falling into…

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Reclaim Deposit on Unfinished Developments

“Can I reclaim a deposit for an unfinished development” is becoming a question of many lately. Reclaim Deposit on Unfinished Developments Now! Pre-2008 many property investors purchased unfinished off plan properties in Spain. It was an attractive proposition and purchasers where asked to put down a deposit. Unfortunately, unfinished developments litter parts of Spain and…

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