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Repossession, Repossession, Repossession

Repossession on European Property What will happen if I go into arrears on my Spanish Mortgage? If you don’t pay your mortgage arrears will mount on your account and following a period of greater than three months your lender can commence repossession proceedings. Many courts in Europe are inundated with repossession cases so the process…

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I’ve Tried Reclaiming Before; What Has Changed?

Spanish Deposit Reclaims I’ve Tried Reclaiming Before; What Has Changed? A Lot…Until late 2015 those who went after their lost deposits were meet with an iron door stopping them and in some cases where the possibility of getting a refund on their lost monies was deemed impossible. In most cases those ‘professionals’ who acted on…

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Low Interest Rates, Unaffordable Mortgage: Foreign Mortgage Solutions

Foreign Mortgage Solutions: Low Interest Rates But Unaffordable Mortgage Over the past few years the UK itself has been ‘lucky’ when it comes low interest rates on loans and mortgages. However, with those who invested in property abroad the fluctuating exchange rates still leave the low interest rates unaffordable. The drop in value in the…

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