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€258,000 Mortgage debt written off, Murcia, Spain

€258,000 Mortgage debt written off- Peraleja Golf,Murcia A client approached EU Property Solutions via an introduction from an Estate Agent whom we work alongside in Spain. The client had purchased a holiday home in Peraleja Golf, Murcia, Spain. With the property clash, our client’s property value plummeted from c€300,000.00 to a forced sale price of…

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Debt Write-Off Alboran Hills, Costa Del Sol

Significant Debt Write-Off achieved for a client with a problematic property in Alboran Hills. Client came across EU Property solutions whilst browsing on Internet. The client purchased a property in 2006 in Alboran Hills, Costa Del Sol. Due to the plummet in property prices the property was only worth €60,000 with a mortgage outstanding of…

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UK assets protected, €60,000 Written off

An individual approached EU Property Solutions with a troublesome property in the Alicante region. The property itself had an outstanding mortgage of c€120,000 and the client advised 2 similar properties in the development were on the market for €60,000, but with little interest.  To further aggravate situation the mortgage repayment was to increase to just…

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Negative Equity: End of Interest Only Fixed Rates

Negative Equity: End of Interest Only Fixed Rates I have an empty property in Europe but can’t sell due to negative equity. Is there a way out? EU Property Solutions are asked the aforementioned question daily. And despite many claiming to be “mortgage prisoners” or “trapped” by Negative Equity, there are definitely options to be…

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