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Massive monthly hike in Spanish mortgage repayments

We are experiencing a lot of enquires from Spanish property owners, who are facing the bleak prospect of, previously manageable repayments on an interest only basis rocketing when they move to repayment. This is an emerging trend and is affecting many families who own property in Spain and are currently paying an Interest free mortgage.…

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Reduction in European Property Spend Since Brexit Vote

Britons are Spending Less on European Property Since the vote on Brexit last year there has been many discussions on how the economy in future will react. After all the world is still recovering from the 2008 collapse. But there seems to be some indication into how Britons have reacted when it comes to spending on…

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Increased Mortgage Repayments: Options available

Our Spanish Legal Team in San Pedro have reported a worrying trend in some Spanish mortgage products. Many of these products are now moving away from there 10 year interest only period and moving to repayment. The issue we are finding is the jump in payment amounts is very substantial. EU Property Solutions recently completed…

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