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Own a house abroad? What is a property bubble?

What is a property bubble and how could it affect you if you own a house abroad? At present, the housing market across Europe is unstable and changeable. Prices in some European countries such as Ireland, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic are steadily rising, prompting fears that another property bubble could occur. You may have…

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Things to consider before buying a property abroad

While the idea of spending endless summers lounging around a pool in a gorgeous villa is appealing, a lot of time and care needs to be taken before you take the plunge and invest in a property abroad Buying a home in the UK is hard enough these days, so factor in the language barrier,…

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Swiss Franc Mortgage on Paphos, Cyprus Property

  CaseStudy – Swiss Franc Mortgage on Paphos, Cyprus Property   The Problem: Our client purchased a property in Paphos, Cyprus over 10 years ago on what seemed to be an attractive Swiss Franc mortgage product. Since then, with an opening balance of over CHR 300,000, the debt had risen by CHR 50,000 due to…

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