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Pledges are being made that Brits with property in Spain will face no disruption once the UK leaves the EU, but how true is this?

You can’t deny it, Brexit has caused a significant amount of turmoil, confusion, and worry for the people of Britain. Whether it be fears over immigration or trading between countries, the decision to leave the European Union has sparked fear and worry amongst millions. It’s also led to a significant amount of speculation and doubt…

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Property purchases in France on the rise

Property purchases are increasing in France, but for how long says EU Property Solutions? It seems that the years of economic uncertainty that resulted in the decrease in foreign property purchases are over and a number of the popular holiday spots are picking up, with Brits flocking to warmer climates. While Spain remains a firm…

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Is now a good time to buy abroad? If so, where?

When it comes to both selling and buying a property abroad, timing is everything. With market fluctuations occurring and things constantly changing, you need to make sure you’re snapping up a property at the optimum time in order to ensure a good return on investment and to avoid losing out on hefty sums of money.…

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Repossession: everything you need to know

The word repossession incites doom and a feeling of dread in all of us, particularly when we are talking about property that we own abroad. You’ve spent time-saving and planning for your home purchase abroad, created amazing memories here with your family, only to be left in a situation where unfortunate events or poor finances…

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