EU Property Solutions On the Verge of Settling Two Large Cases for Deposits Lost to Unfinished Developments in Spain

By on November 27th, 2017

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EU Property Solutions On the Verge of Settling Two Large Cases for Deposits Lost to Unfinished Developments in Spain

Things may be looking up for the property market in Spain, with sales and prices set to grow rapidly in 2018, but some people with property abroad are still in a less than desirable situation having lost their deposits for unfinished developments in Spain. EU Property Solutions specialises in helping those in problematic property scenarios reclaim their deposits and are on the verge of settling two large cases on the Iberian Peninsula.

The company has experienced success in the past when dealing with clients trying to recover money from deposits, including one who was able to recover €45,000 plus interest, that they put down in 2008 to invest in Residencial Las Gaviotas. Another client, of residential Cortijo Torreblanca, has recovered €35,000 plus interest.

James Bell, Director of EU Property Solutions, said, “Things are improving for the property market in Spain following the market collapse. The last decade has been characterized by uncertainty and collapse with many foreigners caught up in the turmoil. Unfortunately, despite the strong signs of recovery and positive outlook, many people are still bearing the brunt of the collapse, with a number of Britons having lost their deposits after investing in unfinished developments.”

At EU Property Solutions our team of expert advisors is about to settle two large cases where clients have lost their deposit when a development has been left unfinished. We’re able to help anyone who has lost their deposit and is struggling to reclaim their money back and wish to identify next steps to recoup their funds. Buying property abroad can be stressful, with varying laws and language barriers to contend with, so we urge anyone facing a challenge when it comes to reclaiming their deposit to get in touch and we will advise on the best course of action right away.

A ruling that was introduced earlier this year in the Spanish Supreme Court may make it easier for people to reclaim their lost deposits, as it now states that banks that held the property deposits, which should have been ringfenced, are also liable. This decision means that those who had given up hope of getting their deposits back now have another route to reclaim their lost funds.

EU Property Solutions acts on behalf of individuals who have found themselves with deposits tied up in unfinished developments. Through careful planning and consideration, our team of trained and experienced negotiators can help pull people out of the red and find a successful resolution when it comes to reclaiming a lost deposit on an unfinished development.

The specialist legal team at the firm offers completely impartial and independent advice while eliminating language barriers, guaranteeing a smooth process from beginning to end and ensuring that you get the outcome that you want and deserve.

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EU Property Solutions are the industry leaders when it comes to solving property concerns across Europe. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable property experts pride ourselves on their ability to provide positive solutions to property associated debt.

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