Problem property in Guadalupe Hills development

By on March 14th, 2018

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Two gentlemen approached EU Property Solutions with a problem property in the Guadalupe Hills development near La Duquesa.

The property had a mortgage outstanding of €120,000 and a value of just €50,000. The main issue was the long-term tenant was leaving the property and given its value, the was becoming a significant headache.

One gentleman resided in New York, with an excellent high profile job and multiple assets and the other party had significant assets in the United Kingdom. It was sacrosanct to the clients these were protected.

EU Property Solutions successfully negotiated the voluntary surrender of the property and a significant breakdown and after payment of all fees savings achieved in this case where around €67,000.

EU Property Solutions also are increasing the speed of which cases are finished. Our timeframe for a typical Spanish settlement is 3-12 months. Speak to us today if you have a similar issue and we will endeavour to help.

If you would like to speak to an expert on your current financial situation regarding a problematic property, please call Karen today on 0330 124 1230.

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