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Spanish Mortgage Write Down

EU Property Solutions specialise in providing advice and solutions for owners of troublesome property abroad.

As one of few who specialises in this area, we are the ‘go-to’ experts for anyone experiencing issues with a problematic property overseas.

We are a UK based company with property experts across Europe and further afield to provide solutions to any problem associated with the ownership of property abroad.

Recently, we concluded a life-changing achievement for a UK client who owned a problematic property in Spain…


Client Profile:

UK couple with substantial assets and income who owned a second property in Spain nearing the end of an interest only mortgage term.

Their Problem:

They purchased a substantial second property in Spain for £400,000 in 2007, with an Interest only mortgage on the premise of a yield that never materialised due to the property market collapse. Their interest only repayments were a maintainable €220 PCM however,  the Mortgage term was due to move to repayment after the 10-year interest only period and their repayments were to increase to a whopping €2,100 PCM, nearly ten times what they were paying.

The property was valued in 2017 at €170,000 leaving a substantial shortfall of £230,000 as the original mortgage was taken out for the value at the time which was €400,000.

This left the client in an  extremely difficult situation as;


  1. They could not afford the new mortgage repayments as the inflated costs were unsustainable
  2. They felt they could not sell the property as the burden of the Negative Equity was too daunting. They did not have the funds to pay the shortfall and were afraid of risking their assets in the UK which was of utmost importance.


They then approached EU Property Solutions for advice on how to break free…

Our Solution:

Despite the threat to their UK assets for the £230,000 shortfall, we at EU Property Solutions negotiated with the Spanish Lender to allow the sale of the property and, through extensive negotiations, were able to settle the mortgage shortfall of £230,000 for £25,000–  a fraction of the debt that was owed.

What a result.

The client was able to settle the overwhelming debt for a minimal amount on a full and final basis and protect their assets in the UK – an option that most would not even think possible yet with the help of EU Property Solutions an ideal conclusion was reached to enable the client to move on with their life.

If you think we can help you with your troublesome foreign property like we did for this client, Call us NOW for your free consultation. You are just a CALL away from removing that millstone from around your neck.

Spanish Mortgage Write-Down

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