EU Property Solutions: Successes in 2016

By on January 10th, 2017

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2016 Successes

We hope everyone had an excellent first week of 2017. In this weeks blog we will review our 2016 successes which have us particularly excited by our prospects this year building on the fantastic success cases achieved in 2016. We are currently working through a variety of cases and hope to add more clients who we can assist out of European Property Debt issues.

EU Property Solutions have hit the ground running with our Business Development team in Spain. We have mainly focused on the Costa Del Sol area close to our San Pedro office base but this week we are meeting those in our network in Alicante with the hope to expanding this further.

EU Property Solutions achieved some incredible settlements in 2016 and if you review our video testimonials you will see that these are genuinely life changing. Everyone’s circumstances are different but the strain that negative equity debt can put on anyone is immense. That’s why EU Property Solutions review every case on an individual basis and tailor our advice and options depending on the outcome you desire, your fears and what is attainable.

Successes Across Europe

In 2016 we have dealt with core lenders in Spain including English lenders who have lent on Spanish property but also fall under Spanish authority. We also settled cases in Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Canada.

As previously mentioned we deal with cases with many differing circumstances. Below are just a snippet of the cases we resolved in 2016:

  • A couple where going through an acrimonious divorce. Both had very high incomes and an unencumbered property each back in the UK. They had a troublesome Spanish Villa which was c€300,000 in Negative Equity. This was their one remaining joint asset and the couple would not liaise directly with each other to resolve the matter.

EU Property Solutions where appointed and we successfully negotiated the voluntary surrender of the property to the Bank and a complete debt write off despite their strong financial position in the UK. The savings made including the Negative Equity Balance and outstanding IBI taxes was in the region of €315,000.

  • A couple met us under severe stress. They had not paid their Spanish Mortgage for 3 years and the Spanish lender had therefore placed a charge on their home in England. The property was in Negative Equity. EU Property Solutions where appointed and dealt with the orderly disposal of the property, the negative equity balance written off, a write off of community fees and IBI taxes resulting in savings of €94,000.

Although excellent savings we also negotiated the charge on the property in England to be removed. We are extremely proud of this case due to the emotion involved for the couple and knowing they can move on debt free.

Should you or anyone you know be carrying a  European Property Debt burden into 2017 then please call us today on +44 (0)330 124 1230. We can offer references and as always a free initial consultation at a time and place to suit you.

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