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Overseas buyers are now focusing closely on the Balkan state of Bulgaria and in particular the Black Sea coastline. Resorts such as Sunny Beach are growing to rival infamous party resorts such as Magaluf and Malia and other areas of the coast line offer tranquil escapes with beautiful scenery and a fantastic climate.  In winter too the Julian Alps have ski resorts which are seen as cheap alternatives to traditional French, Austrian and Swiss resorts. With more and more flights opening to Sofia and Burgas accessing the coast Bulgaria is quickly growing into the UK and Ireland’s more prominent holiday destinations.

Furthermore the property market offers some excellent cheap properties which offer fantastic investment potential. As with any investment it is key you fully review the purchase and visit the property. Should you want any advice on buying and selling property in Bulgaria then please contact EU Property Solutions, one of our Senior Advisors Rado is Bulgarian and has retained relationships with leading agents in the country and is happy to assist in introductions and ensuring everything is above board on a potential purchase.

Rado is also assisting some English property owners in Bulgaria who are being pursued for outstanding debts. Often these debts can be challenged and are being pursued by a Bulgarian entity often portraying to be a management company. Should you be suffering any debts associated with your Bulgarian Investment please contact us today and we can arrange Rado to contact you.

Bulgaria is undoubtedly an exciting new European destination and we do recommend you visit the country. However, as with making any investment fully assess your risks and calculate your returns. Should you require guidance please contact us today on +44 (0) 330 124 1230 and we will happily recommend areas to search and associates who can assist.

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