Can I reclaim deposit for unfinished development?

By on January 30th, 2017

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EU Property Solutions are absolutely delighted to be able to offer yet another service to our expanding portfolio. We can assist borrowers who paid a deposit on an off plan property that was never developed. Through excellent networking from our team in Marbella we have partnered with a reputable Spanish Lawyer who knows and understands the process of Deposit reclaim and has numerous successful cases to date.

Since this opportunity began we have seen massive interest from a diverse range of clients ranging from huge deposits to smaller deposits. The monetary amount does not matter, what does matter is that providing you can supply us with some key documents we can secure a return of your outlay in full.

What we need from you:

  1. Proof of the deposit payment. Typically from a Bank Statement or Overseas Transfer agreement.
  2. Contract with developer or Agent on property purchase. If need be our team can source these from the Spanish Lawyer used at the time.

Our fees are fully outlined from the start and up front we only require £500 which will allow the Lawyer to submit the relevant documentation to court. We will agree with you an agreed success fee should we secure repayment but you will receive the full deposit amount paid. Why not use our calculator clicking here

This is an excellent opportunity for many who fell victim to circumstance in Spain and through no fault of their own were left out of pocket.

Despite this development we continue to negotiate with European lenders for those whose property is in Negative Equity and causing them financial difficulty. We have today received confirmation from a core Spanish lender on an excellent settlement. This included the write off of a c£100,000 shortfall debt and the removal of a first charge on the clients home back in the UK. A brilliant piece of work from our team.

If you or anyone you know has put a deposit down on a Spanish property but never seen it developed then please call the team today on +44 (0) 330 124 1230 to arrange your free initial consultation. We can meet at any of our office locations or alternatively we can meet at a location to suit. If you cannot meet us face to face skype/conference call meetings can be arranged and we work later nights to allow you to discuss the matter after work.

We look forward to recovering the funds owed to you.

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