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By on October 13th, 2016

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Meet Gary,

Gary had been suffering at the hands of the 2008 economic collapse but now with our help finally has his life back together.

Gary’s Nightmare

In this video, Gary gives his honest testimonial of his experience following the settlement which changed his life.

Living in United Kingdom, Gary dreamed of moving and setting up a new life abroad. Purchasing at the height of the boom, Gary entered into a €200,000 Spanish mortgage and just as his dream was starting, the nightmare overtook. In 2008 the economy collapsed meaning Gary’s property immediately plummeted in value, so much the property dwindled into €100,000 Negative Equity.

Over time with the struggle of keeping up with mortgage repayments, Gary entered into arrears on his Spanish mortgage and unavoidably, through no fault of his own, a debt of €200,000 with mounting taxes and community fees overtook his life. With the increasing pressures from the Spanish bank Gary came into EU Property Solutions and from here Gary’s life started to return to normal.

What Happened Next?

With the experts of our specialist team we negotiated with the bank to take the property back and cancel the whole liability. Not only did we free Gary from the property and its associated debt, the Spanish bank also agreed to settle all outstanding community fees and remaining taxes.

It can be difficult for anyone in a similar situation to comprehend how the dream of owning a property abroad can turn into an enduring nightmare, but hope is never lost. There are always solutions always help at hand here at EU Property Solutions.

What We Offer

EU Property Solutions offer professional assistance and advice in all areas of European property. We can help provide strategies and solutions to solve problematic property issues, negotiate with lenders on debts, help reclaim lost deposits on unfinished developments and settle with repossessions and mortgage arrears across Europe.

We would like to express our genuine appreciation to Gary for telling his Story and urge others whom may be in similar situations to come forth and avail of our FREE consultation, where we will assess your case and advise you of all best possible steps to free you from your burden.

If you would like to speak to an advisor, please contact Karen on +44 (0) 330 124 1230 or email [email protected]/dev

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