COSTA DEL SOL – Negative Equity ….OH! AND GREECE

By on June 10th, 2015

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Last week two EU Property Solutions Senior Advisors made the trip to the Costa Del Sol. We believe it is vital our staff are on the ground regularly, particularly in an area where so much of our work is focused. It allows our advisors to gain geographical knowledge and empathise with clients in terms of property location, condition and price.The purpose of the trip was to continue to grow our ever expanding network of business introducers and associates as well as meeting two eminent Spanish lenders to continue our excellent working relationship moving forward.

The two lenders we met were very receptive to the work EU Property Solutions is currently undertaking and were happy with the method involved. One Bank stated they are considering introducing some non-responsive borrowers in arrears to us. It is evident lenders want their books clear and now is the time to act in Spain across all Costas.

Our advisors met an estate agency with a number of branches on the Costa Del Sol who we have met previously. This was an informal discussion looking at market conditions currently experienced and it was noted the sheer volume of property available is huge. We also agreed during the EU Property Solutions negotiation process we would consider this estate agent for sales. With the agency being based in the region now for 18 years we are confident we can assist in selling any troublesome property you have on the Costa Del Sol.

We also met one of our primary introducers. We had the great pleasure of paying this gentleman £2,000 due to the introductions he has provided EU Property Solutions to date. EU Property Solutions is happy to recognise all introductions, so if you have the name of someone you feel could benefit from our services then please do not hesitate to contact the team.

Our advisors also met two other introducers who were impressed with the service we offer and were happy to enter an agreement to give struggling borrowers our details. All in all the trip was an excellent success for our works in Spain as we continue to develop a network of associates which will ultimately benefit ourselves but most importantly our clients As always it is vital that clients are armed with the right advice so they can make informed decisions when considering the sale of problem properties, especially those in Negative Equity.

I cannot finish without a mention of our friends in Greece. Will they be our Eurozone or EU friends for much longer though? There is so much speculation given their government missed the €305 million payment due last Friday to IMF. Various reports indicate that Greece and its creditors are still nowhere near an agreement and we now wait with baited breath as to the outcome of the €1.6bn due at the end of the month. No matter the outcome, European Property Markets will still be dire.

If you or anyone you know has a problematic European Property Issue please call us to discuss your situation. We offer a free consultation as always and can arrange meetings in either Spain, Leeds or Northern Ireland.

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James Bell – Director

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