Honesty and Transparency – The Key to Success

By on March 29th, 2018

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From the outset when speaking to potential clients we ask for honesty and transparency regarding the case and your circumstances.

EU Property Solutions have harnessed years of experience working in property debt negotiations to understand what will ultimately make up a successful case.

It is essential that EU Property Solutions have your full financial picture prior to commencing any case. Our team, in our initial telephone consultation, will ask a number of questions to try and grasp a clear idea of your case. The answers provided will help us mould a strategy on what is necessary to tackle the case.

Common misconceptions

EU Property Solutions place significant importance on your home state asset position. If you have assets, it is important that these a protected. When looking online at various forums there are individuals that claim there is nothing overseas lenders can do to your UK assets – this is wholly incorrect. We know of one lender from Spain who has 37 Orders of Charging Land on UK property assets from borrowers who have defaulted.

Providing you are open and honest regarding your asset position EU Property Solutions can work with an aim to protect what is yours in the UK and minimise your exposure.


Another reason for transparency is we need to know what the bank may know already. A simple land registry search or credit search by a bank can reveal your position. Being armed with the correct information allows EU Property Solutions to make honest representations to your lender allowing for an amicable agreement between all parties involved. We have experienced cases in the past when the client didn’t divulge their full circumstances and the bank disclosed information we did not know about. Not only is this damaging to the case but also questions our integrity – it is incredibly difficult to get the outcome desired in these instances.

As we expect our clients to be transparent we are transparent regarding our fees. The quote you receive from our advisor will not change through the process. A signed fee agreement ensures all parties know what is due payable and when.

If you want to discuss your European debt issue, then please call EU Property Solutions today on +44 (0)330 124 1230.

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