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Overseas Property Debt – The do’s and don’ts

EU Property Solutions understand the correct way to deal with overseas creditors. Unfortunately we hear many stories of borrowers acting in a way to jeopardise potential settlements and their home assets or income. Below we discuss the correct and incorrect ways to deal with overseas debt. What to do: – Liaise amicably with your lender.…


Divorce and Overseas Property Debt

EU Property Solutions have assisted borrowers in the past who are going through a divorce or separated settle their overseas debt in an amicable fashion. We understand it is a difficult and emotional time for all involved, nonetheless civility and working together can bring excellent results. The problem A common occurrence in these types of cases…


The Stamp Duty Surcharge

Everything you need to know about the stamp duty surcharge on properties abroad As you’re probably already aware, purchasing a home comes with many cost implications, some of them being less obvious than others. One such cost is that of stamp duty surcharges, which was introduced in 2016 under new Treasury rules about second homes.…


Top tips for renting out your holiday home while you’re not using it!

Unless you live a life of luxury and are free to do as you like throughout the entirety of the year, it’s likely that you won’t be able to spend all your time at your holiday home. Whether it’s in sunny Spain or picturesque Portugal, having a holiday home is a great way to feel…


Why is Portugal on the rise?

Portugal is becoming such a popular place to buy property abroad – EU Property Solutions discuss why… While Spain is still the firm favourite for Brits who choose to invest in holiday homes in Europe, it would seem that nearby sunny destination Portugal is picking up the pace and becoming a very popular choice for…


We continue to strive to help those who have lost deposits

We’ve all heard horror stories in the news about individuals that have lost deposits on their house abroad. Often, the sum of money is substantial, leaving people devastated and desperate to get back what is rightly theirs. There has been uproar in past years, particularly in Spain when people have lost deposits on properties that…


Where is the best place to buy property in the EU in 2018?

For most of us, the 2018 means new plans and resolutions. Whether it’s saving your money for something or learning a new hobby, we all chose to welcome in the 2018 in our own way. If you are planning on investing in a holiday home or are even hoping to retire abroad this year, it…


How to approach property debt in the New Year

For most of us, a New Year means a new start and many of us go about setting New Year’s resolutions and doing everything that we can to achieve them. Unfortunately, lots of people have also entered into 2018 with property debt hanging over their heads. Debt can be scary and hard to deal with,…


The history of the Spanish property market

From bubble to boom The Spanish property market has had a checkered past and is one that is characterized by booms and busts. At present, the market in Spain is looking noticeably healthier, with figures indicating that sales had soared in October 2017 and were up 28{8ffce72bfd1f9b3f5d8b0ef2230e543e76a5ce407a245cd6391b5bca5679dfbb}. Things weren’t always looking so rosy for investors…


What’s likely to be in store in 2018 for different property markets abroad?

We have just welcomed in the New Year, and for those of you that have property abroad, you may be wondering what 2018 will bring for the markets in different countries. Things can change rapidly when it comes to housing prices and demand, so it’s important to keep an eye on property markets and stay in the…