PODCAST: Issues Spanish communities face today

By on September 24th, 2015

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We have had another great week at EU Property Solutions. Our team has been busy meeting clients in Belfast and London and we hope to move their cases to a successful conclusion in the near future. We are also close to achieving some excellent settlements and we really hope to be able to share those with you once we get confirmation. Two senior advisors recently made another trip out to Marbella to meet various contacts and Banks to continue to develop our relationship and presence in the area.

We caught up with our new partners Urbytus. Urbytus founder Ali Parandeh has developed a web platform for home owners, communities, housing associations and presidents. The idea was developed due to a lack of communication between parties within Spanish communities and brings a solution sought by all neighbour.

Please listen to our first edition podcast with Ali outlining the service Urbytus provides whilst introducing EU Property Solutions as a firm who assist foreign homeowners with Negative Equity.

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