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Debt effects everyone differently, but the underlying fact is that debt is very personal in its nature. At EU Property Solutions we see client’s handle debt very differently. You get some who are quite flippant in their approach and don’t deem it a problem and conversely maybe others over analyse the situation too much. What we urge individuals suffering from debt do is open up to someone else. A different mind-set looking at your debt issues can be a great help.

Debt is incredibly emotional too. Many borrowers feel wronged their creditors and often let personal feelings and objectives over rule their thought process in dealing with debt. A common factor we see here is clients question Banks mis-selling of financial products during the boom. Often this is held against Banks but realistically trying to take a legal action on mis-sold Mortgages etc is costly and doesn’t bring about the result desired and takes time in the Spanish Courts which are already inundated with work.

It may simple for us to say but when dealing with debt and mediating with a lender the appointment of an intermediary is key. By appointing an agent such as EU Property Solutions has the following advantages:

  1. It removes emotion from the situation. Although we only act for our clients best interests we take emotion away from the negotiation and can bring about an amicable conclusion in the best interest of our client which will also likely be of commercial benefit to a lender
  2. We dedicate our time to so you don’t have to. The fact is many overseas borrowers simply do not have the time to take on the task of negotiating a large debt with a lender.
  3. We understand how the Bank’s work and what protocol to follow. Instead of finding this out for yourself after months of trying to move forward we can advise you of the process with your specific lender to map out a route to end your debt burden.
  4. Our advisors have worked in Debt Negotiation for some time and understand how to relate with our clients expectations, feelings and frustrations. It gives clients peace of mind knowing an expert is handling their affairs.

If you are suffering overseas debt and are struggling to deal with the effects please call us today. We are sure on conversation with an EU Property Solutions advisor will put you mind at rest knowing there is a route for you. Likewise, if you are putting off dealing with an overseas debt and have little concern over the consequences please reconsider. Your home assets could be at risk.

We look forward to assisting. To arrange a free initial consultation please call EU Property Solutions today on +44 (0) 330 1241230.

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