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How long have you been working at EU Property Solutions?

Since the company’s inception. Whilst working at Bell & Company (a debt negotiation practice offering insolvency advice) myself, the director and other members of the team noticed demand from overseas borrowers to assist with European Property Debt. Following a lot of research and visits to European hot spots such as the Costa Del Sol and Cyprus to get an understanding of the lie of land and their situation. This allowed us to empathise with clients and their scenarios. We also researched key lenders, loan book sales and the legalities involved.

We have now developed various routes for clients in Negative Equity across Europe and expanded into Spain with our Costa Del Sol office.


What background and experience do you have?

I graduated from University of Liverpool with a degree in Economic Geography and Management. Following a year or two travelling I moved to Belfast to join Bell & Company and have been involved in the set up and development of the business there. I became involved in Negative Equity Mortgage Shortfall Negotiation and achieved numerous settlements with core Northern Irish lenders and mainland UK Banks. I undertook this role for 4 years.

Currently I am studying part time for an MBA. Learning a variety of subjects and applying them to EU Property Solutions has been beneficial for my study and the business alike. I graduate in Summer 2017.

What does your day to day role entail?

No day is the same. Which is brilliant and I think the rest of the team will back me up on this, our roles offer great variety. I can be meeting clients in London, travelling to Belfast to meet the team, managing the financial side of the business, producing content for websites and literature and reviewing marketing plans. I love the diversity and working with everyone to achieve a common goal – market leading European Property Debt Advice.

What is the biggest challenge facing Overseas Borrowers in Debt?

How long do we have? There are many.

For me it is that many just do not know where they are in the scheme of things and look online at advice which is incorrect. The thing that concerns me the most is that Borrowers run and hide and don’t understand that their home assets are at risk.

What does 2016 hold in store for EU Property Solutions?

Looking at budgets and projections 2016 is looking great.

We are determined to increase our presence across Europe and the marketing team are working incredibly hard at this. We want to get our message out there to borrowers who are suffering and think there is no route for them to eradicate overseas debt. Despite the market bottoming out and showing slow signs of recovery many overseas home owners are still in significant negative equity.

We hope to achieve numerous settlements across Europe next year.

Anything else to add?

Thank you to all of our clients past and present. Also want to extend my gratitude to the amazing team at EU Property Solutions. We work well together and look forward to more future success.

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