EU Property Solutions specialize in Spanish Property Debt issues and following recent observations we have identified three separate property markets in the country.

  1. Small level local property market. This market revolves around Spanish communities and towns you would consider being home for local Spanish citizens. This market is separate to the market EU Property Solutions tend to operate in.
  2. The New Build Market. Given property prices are showing steady growth in Spain now the New Build Market has gained some traction and exclusive developments of high-quality builds are proving increasingly popular.
  3. 2004 – 2008 Legacy Market. EU Property Solutions operate in this market primarily. This market comprises largely of overseas investors who purchased during the property boom pre-2008. Unfortunately, purchasers who purchased at the peak of the market now find themselves in difficulty due to various reasons:

During winter months, 2004-2008 Legacy Market Property Owners will see a decrease in their property rental income also. Another headache to factor into their property ownership whilst continuing to pay their mortgage, community fees, IBI tax, and Non-Resident taxes. Many owners feel trapped by the negative equity burden, but EU Property Solutions can assist.

The image above highlights where EU Property Solutions have concluded multiple settlements for borrowers in Legacy Market Developments.

EU Property Solutions provide tailor-made negative equity solutions to your individual circumstances. To highlight what we do:

  1. We off load the negative asset with consent of the Bank be it an open market sale (Bank absorbing sales costs) or voluntary surrender.
  2. The outstanding balance is negotiated by our legal team often securing debt write downs or complete debt write offs.
  3. We can protect your UK Assets
  4. In some cases, our team can negotiate outstanding IBI Tax and Community Fees arrears into the settlement.

If you feel trapped by Spanish Property Debt or even know someone who could benefit from the above, please call EU Property Solutions today on +44 (0) 330 124 1230.

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