Deposit Reclaim Evidence

By on January 24th, 2017

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Deposit Reclaim Evidence

Evidence is key in reclaiming your Spanish Deposit. Since launching EU Property Solutions we have been inundated with enquiries from wronged property investors can now recover their deposit through a Spanish Legal Claim. You may be entitled but it is essential the correct evidence needed to reclaim is collated and supplied to us to assess your case.

Importance Of Evidence

EU Property Solutions have outlined the importance of correct documentation. In summary:

  • Any incorrect filing in the Supreme Court will see your claim struck out.
  • You only get ONE chance at a deposit refund claim
  • The writ filed must be 100{8ffce72bfd1f9b3f5d8b0ef2230e543e76a5ce407a245cd6391b5bca5679dfbb} accurate.
  • We have seen an eminent firm in Malaga fail in its submissions and 11 cases have been struck out.

The above points are to emphasise the importance of you working with us to collate documentation. We have noted some enquiries have said that they are too busy to get their documentation together. However, the reality is, an hour sorting documentation will recover you thousands of pounds? If you are proactive a fantastic result can be achieved.

Evidence Needed To Reclaim

When calling the team, we will direct you to all evidence needed but in summary:

  1. The contract with the developer agreeing to purchase the property
  2. Proof of the monetary transaction leaving your account
  3. Confirmation from the developer of monies received

There may be additional documentation depending on your circumstances but our client liaison will fully instruct what is needed. Once the papers are compiled we forward this to our legal team to review and ascertain if the case can proceed to court.
If you have met the criteria for a reclaim, there will be a small fee for court processing, but after this we work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

If want to know how much you could be owed then please go to our calculator page NOW and call EU Property Solutions today on 0330 1241230.

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