Importance of Professional Advice

By on January 24th, 2017

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Importance of Professional Advice

With official figures released early this year, millions are due to be paid out in Deposit reclaims. Since this development many cowboy companies are ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ to cash in, signifying the Importance of Professional Advice.

Offering supposedly expert advice and services in reclaiming lost deposits, many of those who were victims initially are falling victim again.

At EU Property Solutions, we work to retrieve lost deposits on ‘off plan’ Spanish developments. We have experts from the best Spanish legal team in Europe. Having already successfully refunded lost deposits prior to the 2015 ruling, our team are the only experts successfully reclaiming deposits.

It is devastating that thousands have fallen victim due to no fault of their own. EU Property Solutions act to right those who have been wronged.

‘One Time Only’ Filing

Given a new loophole in the Spanish Legal System; Each case for refund can only be filed once.

These ‘cowboy’ firms entering the market offering this service are failing clients. Their lack of resources, expertise and experience are hampering any future attempt to successfully reclaim deposits. So it is IMPORTANT that you only use a professional service who have been dealing with cases successfully prior to the December 2015 Supreme court ruling.  This ruling leaves Banks and developers liable to refund any money lost on ‘off plan’ developments.

It is essential you receive the correct advice from professionals in this field. We at EU Property Solutions are the professionals and can provide reassurance through our expert teams. From the outset, our team only ever act on an open and honest process. We will discuss what we need from you and the entire process involved. To date we are already in the process of recovering £4 million from Spanish Deposit Reclaims.

Who Has Been Affected

Many of those wronged after putting down deposits, in hope of a dream home, have been abandoned by both developers and Banks. Thankfully, now due to this Spanish Law Ruling; Ley 57/68, deposits paid on development, such as those listed below, are rightfully due refund:

  • Aldea Beach, Duquesa
  • Calanova Palm Golf, La Cala
  • Las Palmeras., Calahonda
  • Peninsula, Atarfe
  • Trampolin Hills, Campos De Rio
  • Urbasa, Guardamar del Segura
  • Vindos del Mar, Manilva

Why Us

Working with our Spanish legal experts, we can instantly identify if you have a case for a deposit refund.  We are honest, open and act solely for the benefit of our clients. We will represent you for the duration of the case so you do not have to. Furthermore, all our fees are honest and transparent without any hidden costs.

If you have put down a Spanish Property Deposit which was never built, then use our deposit refund calculator to see how much you could reclaim.

Please call us on 0330 124 1230 and our team in Belfast will commence your case.

We look forward to recovering what’s yours.

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