Spanish Investment Victims

By on January 24th, 2017

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Are you a victim of Spanish Investment?

Spanish Investment Victims are entitled to compensation. Following recent Spanish Law being passed in the Supreme Court there is new hope for those who paid deposits on properties which were never developed. It is possible for clients to reclaim their deposit back in full.

Ultimately, this is your money and you have been wronged by a combination of Spanish Property Developers and Banks.

EU Property Solutions specialise in this field and have collaborated with Spanish Lawyers with extensive expertise in Spanish Deposit Reclaims.

We can proudly say that we are one of few firms in this field who have real time up-to-date knowledge of this field and will only take on cases where we are confident a result and a refund is achievable.

Following the law change this is now a Spanish Bank Legal Obligation to rightly repay monies that were intended to safely kept in separate facilities until properties were fully developed.

EU Property Solutions will assist from start to finish ensuring all the relevant documentation and requirements are met for our Spanish Legal Team to commence your claim and recover YOUR money.

Check out what you could be entitled to on our Deposit Refund Calculator.

Do not delay and if you a paid a deposit which you believe is due to you please call EU Property Solutions today on 0330 1241230 and our expert advisors will instruct you on documentation and requirements. Once an initial assessment is complete the legal team in Spain review and will advise if you have a case for Deposit Reclaim.

We look forward to assisting.

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