"I would like thank you for everything that you have accomplished for me & my wife over the last few months & your professional approach to this difficult situation- well done! We can now get our lives back on track & plan for the future."

Mrs + Mrs J. C


I was STRESSED beyond belief as I could not understand how to communicate with the lender. It was costing me a fortune in translation. I am SO grateful that EU Property Solutions took over my problem and EVEN MORE HAPPY with the amazing settlement they obtained.


Co Down

Our clients are that impressed with how we have changed their lives that they are willing to speak to you to back up any testimonials! We have a list of advocates who are willing to speak to you to vouch for our service! Contact us here or fill in our contact form and we can put you in touch with some of our happy clients and let them tell you first hand!

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and my wife, we purchased a property on the Costa Del Sol in 2004 and then the recession hit us very hard. We had a mortgage for €161,000 and could not keep up with the payments, we also incurred community fee debts and also (I.B.I TAX DEBTS). We were in a very low place that was until we received a letter from EU Property Solutions. They invited us down to their office in Leeds and we had a meeting with James Bell. He said he could help with the negative equity along with his team. This we did not believe as we tried everything but me and my wife thought long and hard and we went ahead.

James put us in touch with Radoslav Raykov and what a man he was from the day we spoke we never looked back. Radoslav was excellent from start to finish. It took him under 6 months to sort out all our problems and with this he managed to cancel all our debt. This was incredible he made the bank take back the property and the community cancel our debt and cancel the I.B.A Taxes outstanding. We would like to go on record and say we are so grateful for Radoslav and James for all their effort in this matter. If anyone is in the same nightmare we were in I recommend you contact James Bell at EU Property Solutions as soon as possible. If anyone would like to contact me on a personal note please call me on my mobile (my number can be requested from one of the team at EU Property Solutions) and I will gladly speak to you and talk about our experience.

All the best to all the team at EU Property Solutions

Mr & Mrs G


Thank you for dealing with our Spanish property release with the successful outcome achieved this has been a massive relief to myself & my wife.

We are very grateful to you both for the excellent & tactful way in which you handled the situation with the Spanish banking establishment & particularly with the efficiency & speed in which it was executed. Myself & my wife could not have negotiated with the Spanish banking system without your professional skills & guidance.

I would just like to finish by saying that we now have our financial lives back on track & we would highly recommend your company for any dealings with property associated debt.

Mr & Mrs B

North West England

Having retired a couple of years ago and with my wife suffering from ill health, I was still having to manage a property in Spain and paying €1100 a month on a Spanish mortgage. I made direct contact with my lender and they were very unhelpful. I got introduced to EU Property Solutions through a Neighbour in Spain; they managed the process from start to finish and negotiated our exit from Spain; and we didn’t have to pay the lender anything on a significant shortfall. Myself and my wife can now start to enjoy our retirement and life again for the first time in nearly a decade, all thanks to EU Property Solutions

J. F

Northern Ireland

“We bought our property in our 40’s thinking maybe one day we could retire there; we couldn’t have been more wrong! We thought it would go away but we could never keep up with the mortgage and we didn’t receive an income like we were promised. A friend mentioned EU Property Solutions to us and there was our answer! They helped us handle every aspect of the case and were professional and kind, the settlement they obtained was fantastic and the relief is amazing especially at our time of life I would highly recommend their services”

Mr & Mrs L

Northern Ireland

I would like thank you for everything that you have accomplished for me & my wife over the last few months & your professional approach to this difficult situation- well done! We can now get our lives back on track & plan for the future.

Mrs + Mrs J. C


I had taken out a mortgage on a ‘dream’ property with a Spanish lender almost 10 years ago, which soon after turned into a nightmare. I was unable to keep up with the mortgage payments and it was causing me untold stress. My Spanish lender was being extremely unhelpful and quite frankly the language barrier put me off wanting to deal with them, so I brushed it to the back of my mind for quite some time. After speaking to a friend out in Spain they told me about EU Property Solutions and how they had managed to achieve a significant write down on the remainder of someone’s mortgage after they had sold their holiday home. I thought this sounded too good to be true, but due to the fact that they provided an initial consultation free of charge I gave them a call, after all ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. They explained to me that my case had potential for the same outcome and so I appointed them to represent me to the bank on my behalf. They were able to write off over €150,000 with a miniscule settlement amount, I cannot describe my relief when I got the news. I am more than pleased with the results and their service throughout and would implore anyone in the same position to give them a call.

B. A


“Our case was complicated me and my wife where going through a divorce which was stressful enough, the Bank was impossible to work with, I called EU Property Solutions and they guided us through everything, they have wide network of people in Spain and went further then we could ever imagine. Thanks to all the team at EU Property Solutions we can now move on with our life."

Mr D, Essex

EU Property Solutions specialise in taking the stress away and dealing with everything until the issue is resolved.

Good Morning

Firstly can I thank you for the successful completion of this process and transaction. When I first met you James in Leeds I was so encouraged to hear that the issue was solvable but struggled to believe in your 100% belief that you could actually bring about a successful outcome. I am so very grateful and will happily be a referee for any future clients. Rado I have appreciated your continued support, positive reassurance and guidance throughout the process immensely, as you know I have been exceedingly anxious. xxxxxxx thank you for your sterling work in negotiating this settlement


Susan C

South England


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