It may appear we are ‘raking over old coals’, but never has this subject of Unfinished Developments in Spain been more relevant especially now as the deadline for submitting claims is rapidly approaching.

There are many horror stories of people committing to buying off plan Spanish developments. Fast forward, these developments now remain, too unprofitable to sell and too expensive to demolish. However, it is NOT too late to reclaim your deposit. If you have been a victim of an unfinished Spanish development, it is essential that you act before October 2020 to recover what is rightfully yours.

A huge majority of people fell victim to false promises by;

  • Unscrupulous Agents
  • Now non-existent developers
  • Banks exercising unethical lending procedures

What is an Unfinished Spanish Development?

Again, this subject matter may be obvious but Unfinished Spanish Developments range from; not even a shovel in the ground and a vacant site to a partially and seemingly habitable unit within a development. Including those which are liveable but have not been signed off by building control.

If this issue is something which you are experiencing, there might be no need for concern. There may be a good chance your purchase is deemed as ‘unfinished’ which, you might be glad to hear means you could be entitled to a refund on your payment.

Why am I entitled to a refund?

Following Spanish legal rulings in Madrid’s high court many UK and Irish citizens are now able to reclaim. Investors who purchased property on “off plan” developments in Spain are entitled to deposit refunds. This decision has been beneficial as it goes some way to right a terrible wrongdoing by the various parties involved.

REMINDER: You have a maximum time limit of October 2020; you MUST act quickly.

EU Property Solutions fully understand that those caught in this position have had their trust abused, with this in mind we ensure to act solely on your behalf to recover what is rightfully yours.

Where We Come In.

  1. We are a team of qualified professionals based between our offices in Spain, Leeds and Belfast. We understand the legal process for obtaining a deposit refund and it is essential the process is followed closely to ensure a successful claim.
  2. Our team will ensure you receive the best possible representation. This could be your only shot to reclaim. We can’t stress enough how important it is to appoint a company who are aware of all the complicities involved.
  3. Our team have concluded many deposit recovery cases already and indeed have been at forefront of this work before the ruling was filed. (See our Success Stories.)
  4. Having helped ‘100’s of people across Europe with property debt issues, we fight against any financial institution deemed to be responsible for your hard-earned cash and recover your seemingly lost deposit.
  5. Finally, we will never take on a case unless we are certain of reaching a successful settlement. That is how confident we are.

What should I do next?

If you are a victim of an unfinished development and would like our assistance moving forward, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with EU Property Solutions on 07816235635

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